Movie date to see Edge of Tomorrow

Date #324 - Sunday, June 22, 2014

A: At the start of our relationship, B would ask me what movies I’d want to see to make sure he didn’t go see them. I was all, “I don’t care, B. Go see it. I’ll go see it on my own!” I really didn’t mind, but he was adamant on going together if we wanted to see the same movie. SOOOO…. I was all used to this gold star consideration that I was SHOCKED to hear he went to see Edge of Tomorrow without me. “Well, fine. I’ll go on my own.” But he came with me. I was really amused by this whole ordeal. The film was amazing AND B snuck us in pizza and so I was pretty much in heaven. Loved the movie too - for what it was.

B: I had already seen Edge of Tomorrow before but felt really bad for seeing it without A. When I was going she was visiting her sick grandmother and I left her a message from the theatre but couldn’t even tell her I was seeing the movie when I called. I KNEW she would be upset but I couldn’t help myself then.

The movie is incredible and I’m happy I went again. A was hungry after the baby shower (see previous date) and so I went and got some food and coffee while she got us seats. My only criticisms of the film are the lack of female presence outside of Emily Blunt and the lack of chemistry between her and Tom Cruise (I think he is too old for anything to be believable). It’s great action film though and looks amazing in 3D.

Baby shower and Card Making

Date #323 - Sunday, June 22, 2014

B: If I’ve ever been to a baby shower before I don’t remember. An ex-colleague of A’s was having one and we were invited. Originally we were going to bike and make a fun trip out of the whole thing, but because of my accident we took TTC.

Along the way A and I took this as an opportunity to make our first card together. We both love making cards (vs. buying them) and we figured this was a great chance to do it together (we’ll also be selling our cards soon). I love celebrating new life and I think parenthood is so exciting.

While we didn’t know what to expect the baby shower was amazing. We met a tonne of cool people and ate a lot of delicious food. There were games and prizes and the parents and family were super sweet. I felt so gracious to be included in the whole thing.

A: The baby shower was really sweet and I got to re-connect with ex-colleagues who are amazing people. My friend who was pregnant is also super chill and really subtly hilarious so there were dumb pin-the-bonnet on the baby games and such. And there was craft beer. I was uber impressed. Happy to be there with B, too. I told the ladies I was talking to I should go find him because he didn’t come back from the bathroom but - oh - he did. B was chatting it up with all these random people. It was hilarious. I love that I don’t have to worry about a thing.

Charissa and Tali’s going away party

Date #322 - Saturday, June 21, 2014

B: My two friends were moving to Australia (they have now arrived safely) and throwing a going-away party. I hadn’t seen them and the people who would be there in awhile and I was nervous about going.

Friendships can be tough, because sometimes people grow apart and sometimes they come back together. Things transition and change and you don’t always want them to or aren’t ready. I think Charissa and Tali are super courageous for this move together.

A was really great and supportive and we had a super fun bike ride to the house. There were some tough moments at the party, especially when re-connecting with all these people, but A’s presence helped me through that emotional and slightly awkward part.

A: I love meeting new people and the ones I’ve met from B’s group have been nice and chill. I think it’s great to connect and re-connect and to support one another in doing so as it can be quite nerve-wracking and difficult sometimes. It’s always easier to stay home but both B and I like to put ourselves out there and I was really proud of him doing so. It was also a great send off in an awesome apartment I wish I lived in!

Radio 3 picnic & Star Wars…in Navajo!

Date #321 - Saturday, June 21, 2014

B: June 21 marked the first-ever National Aboriginal Day in Canada. You may ask how we have gone so long without one, and I really don’t know. What I do know is that celebrating this day was on the top of my list.

In fact, it was such a priority I almost missed my sister’s band Loon Choir playing at the annual picnic for the CBC Radio 3 community (the station that I occasionally host shows for). The picnic is held by the amazing community that hangs out on the online radio-station’s blog and they are amazing. Last year two fans who met on the blog got married and many of the fans visited my sister when she was in the hospital. So, of course A reminded me that this was something we had to attend.

I got to meet many of them when I toured across the country last year in the CBC Beetle and the whole picnic feels like an amazing reunion. I am super happy we went.

After we headed to the TIFF Bell Lightbox to watch the first film to ever be dubbed in Navajo, Star Wars IV -  A New Hope. It was incredible to be part of such a historic moment and it was great to see this awesome film on the big screen.

A: Such a beautiful summer day for the memory bank! We rushed to Bellwoods to see B’s amazing sister’s amazing band (I didn’t even hesitate on where to put the amazing…s). Their acoustic set was awesome and I’m glad we went. I also go to see some really awesome people I’ve met the past year or so - a totally different feel from last year! (Last year Brian and I had nearly just met and we walked by and the wedding was on and B was all, “Let’s go!” and for some reason not knowing anyone scared me so we stood at a distance than left. I had to make up for that!)

After, seeing Star Wars in Navajo was WAYYYYYY more awesome than I thought it would be. That film is so incredible, it doesn’t matter the language. I’d never heard an aboriginal language for that long before. I tried to learn some words and even after, the curator told the audience how to say, “May the force be with you,” in Navaho but I can’t remember. It was really long.

ICFF Closing Night Gala

Date #320 - Friday, June 20, 2014

A: B and I were invited to Casa Loma in celebration of the ICFF closing night gala. It was beautiful; an outdoor event on the back terrace of the castle. Neither B and I have ever been so we were really stoked to check out the inside but I guess we still can’t say we’ve gone to Casa Loma!

The ICFF are gracious hosts - tables of cheese, olives, sundried tomatoes, breads, olive oils, yum… and an open bar! I wish I asked what red they were serving because it was yum!

One of my favourite things about this festival is how supportive they are of the Italian culture. There were so many people attending from Italy and the accents were so charming! Jus tlike listening to B’s dad, I was so fond and nostalgic for my visits to Italy. Firenze was one of my favourite places in the world.

B: Yes that’s a giant roll of cheese. And yes that’s a Ferrari. And YES we are at a castle! What a glorious night. 

Maybe there was no Steve Baldwin and it was a bit chilly outside, but sitting by a fountain and just talking about anything with A was pretty sweet. Most of the people at the closing were speaking Italian and I totally felt like an outsider and I kind of liked that.

Making “Good Karma”

Date #318 - Thursday, June 19, 2014

A: We were SO busy helping my friend shoot a short film all day that we didn’t get many pictures. I have a patio blog so that’s where the one on the left came from and the other was taken because I couldn’t see the screen in the bright sunlight so I took a photo and moves to the shade to look at it (can’t move the camera because of continuity!).

I like working on projects like this with B because I get to see B work with sound and I find that interesting. I always learn something new.

B: This was a lot of fun. Making movies is great and I think A and have different styles that compliment each other. I didn’t know too much about A’s friend’s film, but I knew they needed help with sound and that a film with poor sound is simply a poor film.

I got to help on lighting too and talk about camera settings and generally be geeky with A. We then went to a patio and I bugged the servers about switching the TV the moment the World Cup game was over to the Blue Jays game. A’s friend and I talked a lot too, probably more than we ever have before. It was a cool progression in our friendship.

Netflix & Running

Date #317 - Wednesdday, June 18, 2014

A: I went for a run before B and I spent the entire night watching Netflix and this crooked picture is the only one we could find for June 18th!

B doing crossfit motivates me to stay fit and healthy so much that, since he’s been doing physio and taking a break from workouts, I had to muster the inspiration all on my own. I believe my instagram caption was “UGH #RUNNING” but I’m glad I went. It was one of those weeks… You know…

B: A is amazing. It sucks not being able to workout and when I found out she woke up early and went for a run it made me hopeful for when we can work out together again…as long as its not in the morning - I hate early workouts.

Family Matters

Date #316 - Monday, June 16, 2014

B: We woke up the next day in Whitby and worked on some random projects. I’m probably updating this blog in that photo (meta!).

We took the train back to Toronto and when we arrived A got some bad news about her family. It was the extreme shift from happy-times to crisis-times. A was so calm I didn’t know how bad things were. I simply asked “what do you need me to do?” I was ready to do anything.

Looking back I feel really lucky to have found that - someone who I don’t question dropping everything for. While crisis moments can really suck, they help you understand what is really important and what you really value.

A: B’s referring to my Grandmother’s health. She was diagnosed with Parkinson’s a couple years ago and, since moving to Toronto in 2011, I try my best to spend as much time with her as possible. When my grandfather passed, I was travelling and living around the world and never took the time to come home because I had so much hate for the city. I avoided it all together. I’m so close to home now that I’m making my grandmother a priority. I went to stay with her at her apartment for a couple days and I can’t even believe B’s response was, “Want me to go with you?” It warmed my heart. And my grandmother’s.

Father’s Day in Whitby

Date #315 - Sunday, June 15, 2014

B: I love my Dad. We used to have a pretty rocky relationship, but now we’re really close. You could say we have always been close, but I fought it hard when I was young. He is very adamant on family time and I admire how much love he has to share.

I’m happy he so willingly and joyfully shares that with A too. I know he was super happy that she came to Whitby to spend the day with us. We all went out on my parents sail boat and then played Ticket to Ride together. 

It was a really fun day and at the end my Dad kept going on about how we should do it again. I know A has a different relationship with her Father and I’m happy she can experience this new kind of relationship with my Dad. I read this amazing article she wrote and I learned so much more about her.

I am super grateful to have such a balanced male role-model in my life and I try to tell him that as much as possible.

A: I love B’s dad too. He’s fun and funny and is super creative so it’s neat to see him and B interact. He also has a wicked Irish accent and it makes me nostalgic for those travelling days and inspires me to get out there more. B’s family is very international, actually, and they’re incredibly active and busy people - fitness, music, food… They’re all very cultured and sweet about it.

B’s dad let me sail the boat then crawled to the other side and said he was having a nap. It was just B and I was all, “Aaaaaah!” but it was fine. I didn’t tip the boat!

(B linked to an article that I’ve temporarily put on hold due to some personal roadblocks - but it’ll be back soon!)

A day full of waterfalls!

Date #314 - Saturday, June 14, 2014

B: I’m so happy A and I got to go on this autoshare trip and bring some friends. I heard a lot about the over 100 waterfalls in the Hamilton area (yes, over 100!) and really wanted to go. 

When one of our friends brought a waterfall book she has had since childhood, I just knew this trip would be perfect. At our first waterfall, Webster’s Falls, we snuck under the fence and scaled down the very sketchy stairs to the base of the fall (the camera was getting soaked in that pic). I was super happy with everyone’s adventurous spirit. I then read the very romantic poem Na-Go-She-Onong as a way to set the rest of our trip off on the right tone.

We went on to see the second-largest waterfall in Ontario (Niagara is the first…obv) - Tews Falls and a few others. After seeing Punch Bowl Falls we went to the market and found a tone of goodies, including the best butter tart and strawberry-rhubarb pie I’ve ever had. We also found the Detour Café, a café run by one of my favourite coffee roasters.

Before heading home we found my favourite waterfall - Albion Falls. The falls are super accessible and we were able to climb on their multiple layers and take a bunch of photos. Our friends wanted some photos of them kissing under the falls and I’m so happy A and I were able to deliver this to them. I had such a blast hanging with other people and travelling around.

A: This was the perfect day trip and the one that really sealed the deal for me. Autoshare is awesome. The fact that you can take a car for $100 and drive around without a worry - all day - I mean, this was a 12 hour trip and it felt like 2. The other shocking fact was that all these beautiful trails and sights were AN HOUR away from where we live in downtown Toronto. That is nuts! I have a new love for Southern Ontario and all it has to offer. I actually keep resisting liking it so much but I can’t help it! It’s beautiful! And it’s basically our backyard!

Italian Film Festival Opening Gala

Date #313 - Thursday, June 12, 2014

B: The date before A watched (and I somewhat watched) a few films for the ICFF. As a result we were both granted tickets to the Opening Gala. The event was at The Ritz-Carlton and super swanky.

A told me there was a lot of food and even espresso, so even though I was volunteering at the Provincial elections all day, I went. I ran into a Director friend of mine and met some other amazing people, including Stephen Baldwin. A said it was a dream to meet him and so I made sure we got a pic together. He was hilarious and super nice.

A: I’ve been binge watching 30 Rock and I know Alec is not Stephen but I have a precarious way of “bumping” (nay, breathing the same air) as Stephen Baldwin/any Baldwins. The first time I went to Cannes Film Fest I sat beside Will and Stephen and their families and eavesdropped their convo (I know - rotten of me!) but I really loved it. They were so family-oriented and seemingly close that I thought it was neat. Anyway, meeting Stephen was nice. Having him laugh at my joke was awesome, too. I made some comparison of New York and Toronto - it wouldn’t be funny if I told you here - but.. Oh yeah.. The most important part of this night was the lemon meringue tarts. I think I ate 15 of them. To. Die. For.

Movies & Tough Walk

Date #312 - Wednesday, June 11, 2014

B: Sometimes I don’t want to admit my limits. Today was one of those days. I just finished an intense physical-therapy session (I was hit by a car) and really wanted to just lie beside A. I know she wanted to see me too. I also had her DVD screeners for the Italian Contemporary Film Festival (ICFF) and so I knew if I made it to her place we would get to watch foreign cinema together.

I was so lethargic that, when I set out to walk to her place, I was moving at 1/4 my standard pace. I called A and I could tell she had no idea how to handle my complaining. I also was barely making sound, so I’m not even sure she knew what I was going through. I was in-pain and maybe should have stayed home. Or not. I’m not sure. I just know that I need to make a decision and stick with it and not complain.

A: After talking to B I got on my bike and biked in the direction he’d be walking. When I found him hobbling (okay, he doesn’t like that word, sorry) along slowly with his purple keep cup I could tell it was one of those days for him. I think the best thing you can do when someone’s experiencing these sorts of feelings is to listen to them and be there for them. So that’s what I tried.

Being Ginger

Date #311- Tuesday, June 10, 2014

A: Scott Harris who directed and starred in Being Ginger (pictured above) made this totally heartwarming film about trying to find love in Scotland/in general while being a red head. I should preface with a fact and a memory. The fact: 2% of the world’s population is red-headed, and of that 2%, 98% live in Ireland or Scotland. The memory: when I was in Scotland, I got heckled to the nines by random passerbys in Scottish accents, most of the words I didn’t understand (I’m bad at accents) unless it included “ginga!” That’s how I knew it was directed at me. So when Harris goes to school in Edinburgh (the same city I went to), I could totally sympathize with people telling him they’d never date gingers.

Despite him openly being picky and superficial, he comes around (in the doc) and the film was actually cute. A good first feature. The Bloor also let all gingers in for free which was awesome…. Though B and I used to work there so we’re usually granted access to un-busy shows (The Bloor is awesome…!).

B: It was really great watching this film. I knew the screening was important to A, so I made sure to show up. I didn’t know things were so bad in Scotland and I still don’t understand why people saying comments like that is funny.

I was really impressed with Scott’s honesty and vulnerability on camera, especially considering that he directed the film. The movie was really about being comfortable with yourself and has a very universal message.

OITNB Season 2 cont’d

Date #310 - Monday, June 9, 2014

A: I wrote two paragrpahs about this show and the internet deleted it do I am boycotting this date! I didn’t like OITNB orrrrr the ending. What a poorly mapped out season!

B: I completely agree with A. I actually kept saying “this scene is just people standing around talking.” The show lacked a forward drive, often just treading water, and then glossed over great plot-points or character moments (i.e. the return of Mendez was hugely dramatic and was over before it began). Also, I love this show for showcasing the complexity of female strength, vulnerability, and relationships. I think from its subject matter to diverse casting the show is a model for the direction TV and film needs to move in. That said, I was deeply upset and let down when, all of a sudden in episode 9, the word “Pussy” started showing up in the mouths of characters who never used it as a way to depict weakness. Beyond the misogyny of this word, it again is an example of truly inconsistent writing.

So often I watch great TV resort to stale, and demeaning writing in the face of what I can only think is a declining writing budget. I was hoping OITNB would avoid this. I was wrong.

Painting in Rouge Park

Date #309 - Monday, June 9, 2014

A: This day was amazing. I can’t believe Rouge Park is a mere 30 minutes from where I live - which is downtown Toronto. This park is incredible and B and I had such a good time planting ourselves along a creek and painting to ourselves. I could have stayed there all day. Unfortunately we only had a couple hours given the time constraints on our AutoShare trips, but I’m so glad we did this. 

The first time we tried to do this we got in a fight and I just cancelled the car reservation. I couldn’t stop thinking about that when we were on our way. Sometimes I think about what could go wrong so much that I actually make it go wrong. I’m not sure if that’s an accident or subconsciously purposeful although I’d really like to think that I want our trips and activities to go well. I sometimes question my own thoughts or decisions; like they don’t always align with my end goal. Am I nuts?

In any case, B is wholly receptive of this, sometimes too often. It’s a strange dynamic that I’ve found myself in but I love it and him for loving me. I don’t question that.

B: Ohhhhh, now I get why I felt all of this tension. I mean, there is usually tension for me when travelling (I think some other people may feel a similar way). I love when I read A’s comments and I learn something new about our time together. It’s interesting how in any given moment you may be feeling something intensely, but are unable to articulate that.

The paining was incredible and I also wish we could have stayed longer. A is much more organized than I am, so I was having a bit of a difficult time painting. I do abstract work to music, so there are a lot of variables. I was even happy to just sit by the creek and take pictures of A. She was so still while painting. I was all a fluster.

We were so excited by the idea of making art in nature we filmed this short video for CBC’s #OwnSummer contest.