1. Building a new website

    Date #244 - Thursday April 3, 2014

    B: A and I write for Toronto Social Review - a blog about arts and culture. Our website was feeling a bit outdated and so our bosses built a new website. At this meeting we took the time to start uploading the old content and I made some tweaks to the code of the site to make it function better.

    Working on websites can be really fun and it can be stressful. Add 4 people to that and it can get double stressful. I could tell I was getting annoyed by a bunch of little things, and oddly I wanted to blame A for all of this. Instantly I recognized this ridiculous feeling as my way of saying, “you feel comfortable expressing your frustrations to her - you trust her.” 

    I made sure not to take any of my frustrations out on A and the night went smoothly. I kept working back at A’s and she supported my dedication.

  2. Hand-made baseball bats!

    Date #243 - Wednesday April 2, 2014

    B: This amazing company, Garrison Creek Bat Company, hand-makes bats and then lets artists turn them into even more incredible, one-of-a-kind pieces. This was their 3rd Season Opener and I’ve been to every one. 

    This one, however, was by-far the best. There was a tone of amazing food (including soft pretzels and various mustards) and a raffle for a custom, signed Roberto Alomar bat. ( Roberto is a former Blue Jay an Hall-of-Famer). The raffle was to raise money for Jays Care, a charitable foundation run by the Toronto Blue Jays. 

    A and her cousin showed up before me and took in all of the festivities. Once I got there I was swept into talking to some of my friends who either co-own the company and worked on the bats. A was super awesome and came up and joined in on the conversations. A few of them actually knew her writing and I thought that was pretty sweet.

    A: It was cool to be here with my cousin and her friend. B showed up later and spent the night talking to other people. Ran into a friend I knew from a couple years ago. Biked home with B.

    All in all, the bats were cool!

  3. Getting ready to #discoverON! (aka our meeting with Autoshare)

    Date #242 - Tues Apr 1, 2014

    B: A and I are going to be taking 6 trips around the beautiful province of Ontario with Autoshare - a car sharing service. What this means is that we will get to use one of their many vehicles for 6 different trips of our choosing.

    We don’t yet know where we should go or what we should do (please send us suggestions) but we finally got to meet the team of other amazing people who will be taking similar (or not so similar trips). 

    At this meeting we also learned a lot more about social media and telling incredible stories with photos. Hopefully all of these new skills mean an ever better experience here on One Thousand Dates. In the meantime, you call follow all the trips using #discoverON.

    A: We are so excited and happy to be a part of this awesome program! I think Ontario is an absolutely beautiful place and I feel so lucky to live in the bustling metropolis of Toronto with a surrounding area so beautiful, green, and varying within reach. We’ve received some great tips on where to go and B and I are itching to get on the road - under the sun!

    To top it all off, meeting this group really floored me. Not only are the people chosen to represent the #discoverON team outgoing, active, and funny but they’re all so inspiring. The energy in this room was epic and I feel lucky to have been there with B and as a reflection of all these great things.

  4. We go to the Miley Cyrus concert

    Date #241 - Mon Mar 31, 2014 

    A: I teared up a couple times. Miley is so amazing. Why? Read this quick and totally biased intro to Miley Cyrus that I wrote before the concert.

    She sang her new stuff and Jolene and Party in the USA and Can’t Be Tamed and some Bob Dylan and and and - it was epic. I teared up a bit. I think I said that. I loved how B kept commenting on the production of the show, too. That made me laugh. At one point he offered to get me a beer and he got me this MASSIVE one that made me laugh a lot. When my eyes popped out he shrugged and said, I don’t know!! Then I drank it alllll.

    B: THIS CONCERT WAS AMAZING!! A and I are huge Miley fans (A much more than me) and seeing Miley was incredible. The show is a massive production full of colour and costumes and a lot of choreography. So many thoughts ran through my head watching the show.

    Most of the audience were young women, some scantily clad some in costumes, most singing and dancing and smiling. Looking around I thought how amazing it is for these young women and girls to feel so comfortable to express themselves. Miley encourages that.

    She swore a bit too much for my liking, but it really seems like she loves her fans and what she is doing. Most important, she seems comfortable being herself. I am so happy I got to experience this with A.

  5. B completes CrossFit Open 14.5

    Date #240 - Sun Mar 30, 2014

    B: The last workout of the CrossFit Open and it was brutal. 21-18-15-12-9-6-3 reps of both 95lb Thrusters (a front squat + push-press) and bar-facing burpees (a burpee where you must jump over the bar). In total, 84 reps of each. I completed in 31:07.

    I wanted to cry and die but I stayed focused and it was great. A and a friend came and cheered me on. I love how much A loves the gym and how, over the past 5 weeks, we all came together. 

    A had a hang-over and so she left right after I competed while I stayed to cheer others on. She is so supportive.

    A: Once again, I am so impressed with how B did. He got through and was so strong. My friend came to watch it with me but I was a total zombie from lack of sleep and… probably… all that whisky….

    But I couldn’t miss the last day! After he finished, I went back to B’s and snuggled in bed feeling sorry for myself. Oh Sundays… The only thing that would’ve helped, I think, would have been a beer. I should’ve went to the bar with the gang after. #Regrets! (JK, no regrets. Sleep is better.)

  6. A day of relaxation

    Date #239 - Sat Mar 29, 2014

    B: This was the first Saturday in a long-while where A and I had nothing planned. We walked around outside (the weather is finally getting nice) and went to visit Get Melted - a grilled cheese place attached to a medical pot lounge (genius idea). A got a sandwich and I had a great red-pepper soup. We then went grocery shopping and I had a almond protein smoothie from Fuel +.

    A: This day was amazing! We popped into the new grilled cheese joint by my house (link above) and it was so tasty! We ran errands and walked around and the day was beautiful. It was so refreshing to have a day like this.

  7. March Madness and a goose egg

    Date #238 - Fri Mar 28, 2014

    A: My mom works with a woman who farms her own food and my mom used to bring me chicken and goose eggs to eat which I never ate because they’re so YELLOW and BIG. I have an egg thing.

    But B doesn’t. My mom said there might even be 4 yolks in this one. There was only one but it was massive… almost the size of my palm. I’m more into farm fresh products since meeting B. I also do a lot more research and have taken an active interest in stuff like this. I’ve always been a lover of local goods but yeah… I have an egg thing. They weird me out sometimes.

    B: After an intense CrossFit training session at Academy of Lions I headed to A’s where she was already watching March Madness with her friends. Unfortunately A’s team, Tennessee, lost their game and failed to move to the elite 8. 

    A’s Mom brought me a goose egg and we were all talking healthy fats and I thought it was the perfect time to have this massive egg. The yolk was the size of 4 yolks. The egg, once cooked, tasted super buttery and delicious.

  8. Anxiety at The Grand Budapest Hotel

    Date #237 - Thurs Mar 27, 2014

    B: I love Wes Anderson and was so excited to see The Grand Budapest Hotel with A. The film was incredible and totally hilarious and visually awesome.

    Before the film A was in a rush to get some healthy snacks and, at the cash, brushed me off while I tried to help her carry everything. Feeling some residual feelings from Tuesday I sat down and expressed my distaste for being brushed off. I told A I don’t like feeling like I’m being ignored and that is why I didn’t come to her cousin’s hotel on Wednesday. She said, “well I’m sorry I’m an asshole.” I said, “don’t call yourself names. That’s how my Ex used to excuse herself for things…”

    Somehow we managed to make it to the movie after me making an idiotic comment like that. I apologized to A about making that comment and I explained how it wasn’t about my Ex, but about using name calling as an excuse of one’s actions. I told her that I knew she could be in control of her actions and not just someone who defaults to meanness (aka “asshole”). She promised to be better at acknowledging me, even when in a rush to get to a movie. I said, “I’m your partner and I’m here to help you, even if that’s guiding you to your seat in a dark movie theatre.”

    A: We were those people scoffing angrily at each other in public. A man even said, “Woah!” as he passed by and I wanted to punch him but I refrained (with every effort). (Being a writer makes you think you would actually do things like that…) 

    I don’t accept help easily and it’s a fault. B offers help easily and that’s why he’s awesome. We sometimes get into these situations where I want to do everything myself (ahem, only child) and B just wants to help. We quickly and quietly discussed our anxieties and then watched this mediocre movie. JKJKJK it was great. The production value was awesome.

  9. Coffee for the weary

    Date #236 - Thurs Mar 27, 2014

    A: Yep. Totally knocked out from staying up so late. Coffee saved us.

    B: A was still pretty tired after our late night and so I decided to make some strong coffee. I used a Brazilian from Pilot that tasted like Maltesers and Caramel. I also added some MCT Oil, which is really good for your liver and thyroid and provides instant energy. And it’s flavourless! I hope it slightly improved A’s day.

  10. A Saves the Day!

    Date #235 - Wed Mar 26, 2014

    A: I looked like a mutant model in reality television outtakes. 

    When B wasn’t answering my texts or sounding excited about ANYTHING I knew he needed a million hugs. When he sent me that text, it was in reply to my, “On my way” text and I thought, “Well, he didn’t tell me NOT to come over so….”

    It was good that I did. He thanked me and it was really sweet and I immediately felt less horrible for being such a shitty partner the night before. (Actually I didn’t but it was good to see B smile.) We basically stayed up all night watching stuff online and I knew I would be knocked out in the AM but I didn’t care because YOLO/B was happy.

    B: I was feeling pretty crappy this night and did not want to meet with A and her cousin to go swimming. Thoughts of the night before were subcontinuously running through my mind and I did not want to relive any of those moments. I sent a text saying, “I don’t want to talk and I don’t feel like doing anything.”

    Then, while sitting on the bed working on my notebook, A walked into the room!! I was so happy to see her! She said, “I want to respect your feelings and I wanted to see you and I thought, ‘I can come over and we don’t have to talk and we don’t have to do anything.”

    We bought a salad and ate it while watching Nashville. Everything felt amazing and it was exactly what I needed.

  11. Abandoned!

    Date #234 - Tues Mar 25, 2014

    B: After a day of snowboarding at Blue Mountain with my Dad I rushed back to the city to meet with A. Because I didn’t know when that would be, we kept touch via text, with me giving a constant ETA. A went to her cousin’s to go swimming. 

    When I got to the hotel I couldn’t get a hold of them to be buzzed up to their hotel room (or pool room) because, of course, they left their phones so they wouldn’t get wet by the pool. I waited for almost an hour, and then in a huff, biked home. 

    I tried to let go of my frustration, looking to this as a learning opportunity. Later A called crying and apologized and I accepted her apology. I told her I was still upset but forgave her and I would eventually get over that feeling and we would learn from this.

    A: In its truest form it was blatant miscommunication.  I was excited to see my cousin and get into a pool (not having been in one for 5 years) and, with a new phone, I wasn’t taking it to the pool. I assume B knew we were swimming and would show up. When I went on a search the concierge told my cousin and I that he’d waited TWO HOURS and looked SO SAD so, having had a couple glasses of wine, I felt horrible. I’ve been left behind and waited so long alone in parking lots waiting for one of my parents to come pick me up. It’s a horrible feeling. And it totally surfaced having though B sat in a hotel lobby for so long. Even though the concierge embellished a little bit.

    B was really nice, though, and didn’t rub it in. He said I should’ve texted saying that we’re going to the pool and I’m leaving my phone which I definitely agree but red wine and swimming and family time - can I blame that? 

    No, I can’t. I’ve learned my lesson. I will never forget to pick my child up at dance class ever.

  12. Emoji d8 ;)

    Date #233 - Monday, Mar 24

    A: B taught me how to express true love <33333 :) :) XD


    B: Yes,  I showed this to A and then immediately regretted doing so. And then quickly didn’t. I was on my way to snowboarding with my Dad and actually laughed out loud a few times.

  13. Spring-like lunch date

    Date #232 - Monday, Mar 24

    A: B texted me saying he wanted to meet at lunch. I had a bank appointment so we walked over together. He taught me about RSPs on the way and then I taught him about… well, I told him what he already knew about Mutual Funds after. Smrt. (Still so so confused.)

    B: In a past-life I studied Accounting at St. Francis Xavier University. Managing your money is important and something I should definitely do better. A is so eager to learn and so made an appointment at the bank to speak with an advisor. I should do this…

    We also very briefly spoke about our future and finances. It’s not a big discussion we’ve had, but we have talked money and that is an important thing to be open about for any relationship you hope to reach a high level of seriousness.

    The day was really nice and I enjoyed walking around with her. I like little moments like this.

  14. B completes CrossFit Open 14.4

    Date #231 - Mar 23, 2014

    B: The second-last workout of the CrossFit Open had me doing as much as possible in 14-minutes of a 60 calorie row, 50 toes-to-bar (see pic above), 40 wall-balls (squatting and throwing a 20lb ball at a 10ft target), 30 cleans (lifting a barball from ground to chest) at 135lbs, and 20 muscle-ups. I got to complete 2 cleans, a score of 152.

    This workout was super tiring and while kind-of-smiling in the picture above, I felt like crying. Everyone at the gym was super supportive, especially A. She came with a book and read and wished me luck and took photos. Having her there is such a calming presence. 

    I also helped coach some of my teammates to fantastic results, and filmed the workout of another athlete who has a chance of moving on to regionals (filming in a requirement). A said she feels comfortable at Academy of Lions and I like that. The people there are like family.

    After I took a hot epsom-salt bath and cold shower. Then A and I ate a party-pizza from Bitondo’s and biked to her place. A great day.

    A: I told B I didn’t think we should get pizza every Sunday and he looked at me and said, “Is that because YOU don’t want to eat pizza every Sunday?” I said yes. And then Sunday rolled around and I said, “We should definitely get pizza.” How could I EVER think I WOULDN’T want pizza? Oh, Andrea.

    Well we get the pizza because B is so awesome and works so hard. This workout actually scared me a little but everyone did so well. Each week I want to try to do what they’re all doing more and more. I am very competative, but mostly in an “I see these people building strength and overcoming obstacles and supporting one another and pushing themselves hard and well and I want to be a part of that too.” It’s definitely good motivation.

  15. Coffee & March Madness

    Date #230 - Saturday, Mar 22

    A: Labour day weekend 2012 I road tripped to Tennessee with a girlfriend and fell in love. I’d never actually watched college ball before but I picked up a bunch of Volunteers merch because I thought it was great everyone seemed so supportive. Now I know why. 

    College ball is a big deal.

    Well B’s fam are Syracuse fans and I jumped on that wagon until I got home and remembered all my Volunteers merch that I always wear. So I’m sticking with my gut (sorry Cauley’s). B watched the games while I organzied my iPhone contacts and we talked about doing stuff without doing anything because we sat for so long we got too hungry to move. It was ridiculous. And great.

    B: If you watch college ball you know that Syracuse and a bunch of other high ranked teams were eliminated in many first and second-round upsets. That left room for A to cheer fore Tennessee (and subsequently me, unconflicted). 

    We sat for awhile and then went to Fuel + for coffee and some work before heading to my place so I could get a good rest for the MASSIVE CrossFit Games workout the next day.